The Boeing 707



The Boeing 707 was an airliner made in 1957. It had four engines and was a narrow  body jet liner.

The one below is operated by Pan Am.


The 707 was the first of Boeing’s passenger jet aircraft.It begun the jet age, but at  the same time the B.O.A.C. Comet was being grounded. Although it was narrow body, it still was big.It could carry 179 passengers and is 44.07m long!The picture shows a 707 next to the giant 747.



To power such a large airplane you need massive engines.It has 4 Pratt & Whitney JT3D-1 engines that deliver 17,000lb of thrust.


There are 4 main kinds of 707s (707-120, 707-320, 707-120b, and the 707-320b). All of them are different in a way. Each step forward has advantage. For example, the 120 carries 179 and the 320b carries 219.

There are also special 707s , too. The ec-18b is a flying sonar. To carry it, it has a huge nose. There is also the kc-135. It is a plane which can refuel another plane in-flight. Although it has bigger engines, it still looks like one.


Out of the 1010 707s made, only several still fly. One of them is the Travolta 707. It is one huge private jet!

The 707 cockpit has room for a crew of 4. It needs that many pilots because it is an older plane.707cockpit






RMS Titanic

Everybody knows about the Titanic. She is so famous because, on her maiden voyage she hit a large iceberg. It made a hole on the right side of her bow. When she was sinking, she went vertical and snapped in half right in the middle of her third and fourth funnel. Almost 1,500 people died in the accident, including captain Smith. But before all that happened Titanic had two more accidents. The first one being a near miss with the New York. The second one was a collision with a tiny fishing boat. The people on the tiny  boat died. She if also famous for being the largest ship of the time (269m). I hope you learned something from this article.4large

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